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Serving the Valley for over 18 Years

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About Desert Bloom Family Medicine

Our practice is dedicated to providing medical care specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your family. As Family Physicians, we are trained in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Office Surgery, Psychiatry and Family Counseling. Your family’s health is of the most importance to us, and we look forward to providing you the best, most comprehensive care.

We have a modern, state of the art facility, which allows us to fully utilize the technology available in family medicine to deliver high quality treatment. Rest assured, our staff will treat you with warmth and care.

Meet the Team

  • Christopher Hiler, M.D.
  • Jonathan Chorney, M.D.
  • Ethan O. Kennedy, D.O.
  • Christine Rocks-Lopez, FNP-C
  • Ivette Apodaca, PA-C

Dr. Christopher Hiler, M.D.

Dr. Christopher Hiler began his medical career while attending the College of Medicine in Oklahoma City. Having a propensity towards helping people, it seemed an obvious choice when it came to choosing his specialty. In 1999, Dr. Hiler completed his residency in Bakersfield, California after which he relocated to Phoenix and worked for a short period of time as the Clinical Director at a clinic in Avondale. It did not take long for him to realize that he wanted to open his own clinic, and in August 2000 he did just that in the Maryvale area. Over the next 14 years, he has opened several other clinics as well as an Urgent Care. His passion is not just medicine but helping others and he continues to do that daily.

Desert Bloom Family Medicine

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Request an appointment. Use the form below or call us at (623) 385-7900 today.

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Doctors care about your health it’s not like you’re in and out. They really take time to find out what’s wrong.

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